Pilates Sessions

Pilates- Updated with modern sciences

You can gain control over your old injuries, aches & pains. Pilates started out as rehabilitation -fitness -- and it still is. I have updated it with modern sciences and taken out old “cues” which do not serve.

I have worked with strokes and spinal injuries (with Doctor approval), and also with elite athletes such as Cirque du Soleil acrobats. From ages 3 to 88. We work together to suit your personal level of fitness.
Pilates Sessions

An Effective Fitness and Rehabilitative Treatment

We keep those fun exercises you may have already learned on the Reformer, Cadillac, and Mat but with a new understanding of the body’s functional design. Lahela Fit-Pilates is based in Osteopathic Sciences.

We will design your training program for long-lasting change.  

  • Private Lessons give you my full attention and are the most ideal to reach your goals.  
  • As you progress, you might be interested in small group classes (no more than 7 to a group).

Please contact us for more details about our training schedule.
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In Lahela's Pilates class, my core muscles were engaged in a new and intense way with better results than sit-ups or crunches. I was especially impressed with her extensive knowledge of human anatomy and her professional conduct. 

She was able to adjust the class to accommodate the different levels of ability. Each individual was given personalized attention and advice on how to improve. It was a total body workout and I left feeling exhilarated. I would highly recommend this class."

 - Brandy Rea
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