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I was diagnosed with mild SCOLIOSIS at age 10 by x-ray. The Doctor said there was “nothing” I could do to fix it. 

 From ages 19-38, I had chronic pain. And I was TERRIBLE about stretching, could scarcely reach down to reach half-calf – forget touching toes or doing backbends! Well, at age 40 an xray showed vast improvement in the spine, I was far more flexible, and I became an inch taller… So there, Doctor. 
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My Method:

I use the Center of Gravity and Balance Points in the body, and I also incorporate pressure points to help release tight muscles and connective tissues. The body provides an easy way to find your Center. Use of BREATH is crucial to unlocking your pain and your own potential. I'm thrilled to share this with you!

With the spine and joints in ideal alignment, and breathing properly, we achieve smooth, graceful, movement; and more control with balance and coordination. Athletic performance improves. Tension and pain decreases. I got rid of chronic back and pelvic pain and am more flexible now than I was at 13. My physique transformed, and I "grew" about an inch taller. And it's so wonderful to watch clients transform, too. 

Pain is a Teacher...

I found keys to unlocking my own pain, and so can you.  

I found insight into my body and others’ through West and East. Therapeutic Pilates and the Franklin Method® are all evolving, science-based practices which grow as we better understand muscles, joints, connective tissues, etc. Time-tested cultural arts such as Ayurveda (India’s “Science of Life”), and unbroken, centuries-old Hawaiian family practices fulfill the more “spiritual” side. We are more than a bunch of molecules and chemical processes. Everyone is unique and requires a customized approach to fitness and wellness.   

I’ve worked with a number of Scoliosis clients (usually mild to moderate cases), and people of all levels – from strokes and spinal cord injuries, to Cirque du Soleil acrobats and competitive athletes, and all kinds of people in between. I’ve worked with people from ages 3-88. I’ve also gotten referrals from Chiropractors and Pain Management Physicians. And also worked with a number of incredible Physical Therapists, Physiotherapists, Ayurvedic Physicians, and others in the health and wellness field.  

What is it that you’d like to change? More flexibility? Got an old injury? Want to perform better at your sport? Let’s work on your game plan. I can also provide great referrals for your Circle of Support. I look forward to hearing from you.  
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"As a Pilates instructor in training, I took classes from Lahela because she is knowledgeable and well versed in both the Pilates method and the body. 

Lahela became a mentor to me. I was very comfortable asking her questions and discussing any difficulties I had. 

Lahela was always ready to lend a helping hand and truly cares about her clients and friends. I learned a lot from her and would highly recommend Lahela to anyone looking to improve their fitness. Thank you Lahela!”

 - Amanda Spangler
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