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Put them together and you often have the answer to these two questions:  WHY you have this pain/injury. And HOW you can treat it.  

I love to work with athletes to show them how they can optimize performance and prevent injury.  I've been making waves with competitive outrigger canoe paddlers!  And I love working with runners, having run for 25+ years and can share insights into running injuries.  I've also worked with former Olympic volleyball players, medal-winning Olympic wrestlers, Ballerinas, and Cirque du Soleil acrobats.

I am happy to provide referrals as well to qualified Physical Therapists.
Sports rehabilitation

Chronic Pain?  Let's Talk...

  • SCOLIOSIS and other SPINE issues
  • "FROZEN SHOULDER," Rotator Cuff, and other shoulder concerns:
  • SCIATICA, and other HIP concerns
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"I lost two pant sizes in about 2 months, working with Lahela 2-3 times per week, adding Pilates to my cardio. I worked with Lahela for several months when my husband was stationed in Hawaii.

When we moved, she helped me locate a certified instructor close to my new home. Thank you Lahela, you helped make me a better person!"

 - Jennifer Bartee
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