A Message from Lahela:
I've been using Essential Oils since 2000 both personally and professionally, having worked in the Spa Industry for several years, including a five-star Resort on the North Shore of Oahu -- stay tuned in my Blog for some of my personal spa treatments that you can do at home. I have seen great results from high quality essential oils on myself and others. For example, as soon as I start sneezing, I will place a diffuser right by the bed and use a combination of Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree) to prevent catching a cold. I have also found that Wintergreen has amazing therapeutic properties for sprains and strains -- even my own whiplash incident years ago (more on that later, as well). The important thing is selecting essential oils which are of therapeutic grade -- and actually of the plant -- as opposed to a synthetic oil. Because what goes into your skin, goes into the blood stream (this according to my teachers who are Ayurvedic Physicans/Brahmins from Pune, India). Your Skin is a the largest organ of the body. This is why I chose Doterra. I'm highlighting some fun items which also help you maintain an active lifestyle. By the way -- I really am loving the Deep Blue® oils.
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