About Me

A Passion for Health and Wellness -- 16 Years in the Industry.

My passion for Health and Wellness was awakened at age 13. I decided to pursue it professionally in 2000.   I’ve been fortunate to have many wonderful teachers and mentors.   

FROM THE WEST: I’ve studied Osteopathic Sciences, worked with a number of talented Physical Therapists and Physiotherapists, and mentored by Pilates guru, Pat Guyton.  

FROM THE EAST:  I earned a Diploma in Ayurvedic Sciences and was honored by my Ayurvedic Physicians.  They asked me to follow them around their clinic and compile a handbook.

I am so fortunate to have won a year-long mentorship with Holistic Therapies Directory! Still building! https://holistictherapiesdirectory.com/united-states/honolulu/fitness/lahela-hekekia

You Deserve Personalized Services -- You are Unique

One Size does not fit all. It barely fits anyone. 

Everyone works best customizing exercises to suit their fitness levels, and even the way that we process and learn new movement patterns. Some of us are visual learners. Some of us like to hear tons of anatomy. You’ll get the most customized experienced in a private lesson. You can take your personal tool box into group classes.

You'll be glad to know that we offer loyalty and referral programs too!  Let's connect:  808-227-6877.

Let’s Build Your Personal Tool Box

  • Awareness of what is going on in your body – standing, sitting, moving…
  • Getting to some simple root causes of your pain 
  • Quick and Effective ways to release neck/shoulder tension, improving feet, etc.
  • Customized Pilates-based, Osteopathics-based, and Franklin Method® -based exercises.
Health and Wellness
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