This section will feature NEWS ARTICLES featuring me, my colleagues such as The Pilates Initiative, classes, and the studio.

  1. Heel Wounds:  This article came out in 2009, featuring an awesome teenaged client, Madeline Morris.  
  2. The Pilates Initiative.  This is a nonprofit (501(c)(3)) whose Mission is to support the Pilates community and the public through education, advocacy, and outreach activities.  I am humbled and excited to be on the Board of Directors.  This group was started by Kevin Bowen, who also founded the Pilates Method Alliance.

Tendon issues? Consider Graston Technique® and Pilates

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Aloha all!  I sought out Graston Technique® training after my Chiropractors (Dr. Paul Thurlow and…

Posture and Pain — and How to Improve

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Do you wonder why you have a chronic pain (back, neck, hip, knee for example)?…

The answers to Pain are often in the FEET.

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I WORK WITH A LOT OF FEET. As a licensed massage therapist (and NCBTMB Board-Certified), you can…

Time to rethink some common Pilates “cues,” part 1: RIB POPPING

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This cue may sound familiar in a Pilates class:  “Don’t let the ribs pop!  Knit…