Getting reading to shake up “Pilates for Athletes” and “Pilates for Pain,” wait till you hear this!

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I’m BEYOND EXCITED to announce (drum roll): I can include some amazing Bodywork during Pilates sessions which really help improve the way that you feel  and move in your body.

I’m a Certified Medical Myotherapist AND a Certified Graston Technique® Specialist!      What does that do for you?  Read on, please…

(What does that mean?  Read on

Medical Myotherapy (updated from Haase Myotherapy®) and Graston Technique® BOTH offer  specialized techniques to address back pain, neck pain, hand and wrist pain, foot pain, and more!

I would be able to offer about 10 minutes of the session to be Myotherapy, the remainder of the session would be Pilates and Functional Movement.

You may have already noticed that I’ve been raving about Graston Technique® for a while — it has been my go-to for athletic conditioning and especially preventing injury.  Thanks to Pilates, Gait Exercises, Foot Training, Functional Breathing, and Graston Technique®, I picked up running again at age 48 — after an 18 year hiatus — and I no longer have troublesome KNEES.  And I have been working with several competitive athletes who have been loving their “Graston.”

THAT SAID — We would also need to determine if either or both types of Bodywork (or any Bodywork) would be a good fit right now.  There are some Contraindications and Precautions with every type of Bodywork.

These sessions are available at locations which allow professional Massage Therapy.  The Kailua studio has a Massage Establishment License!  I am so looking forward to connecting with you.  Please feel free to send me questions through my website, www.lahelafit.com.




LMT (MAT#6286, NCBTMB#307766-00)

Certified Graston Technique® Specialist

Certified Medical Myotherapist (upgraded from Haase Myotherapy®)

Pilates Method Alliance and STOTT PILATES®, Certified Pilates Teacher

Franklin Method® Level 3 Certified